Keeping your data safe and confidential

Our website is compliant with the highest international standards of data protection and data handling. We ensure that all personal data is treated with utmost sensitivity and security and the study is designed to make this a key priority. Your data is kept anonymous by separating your personal details from the data collected. We do this by allocating codes to each participant and encrypting data with the same technology used in international banking. Only a very small number of people who have been approved and vetted will have access to the encryption software. The data collected will only be used for the purposes of the study. The Israel Parkinson study has been reviewed and approved by an independent ethics committee at Tel-Aviv University, Israel on 22.9.2020 and fulfills all the legal obligations. All information and data we collect from you is managed in Israel and is stored safely and confidentially and complies with the Data Protection regulations of the European Community and UK, as well as the Israel Privacy Database Protection Act.

Data Sharing

We do however want to contribute to international efforts to understand more about Parkinson's Disease (PD) and the sharing of anonymous data and results from the current cohort is one of our aims to promote PD research globally. This is very important to help us answer major questions about PD that require information on large numbers of people, but also to avoid repetition and wasting of research funds. We will only share data with specific parties after they submit a written request and our Steering Committee has approved them for data sharing. Individual data will be completely anonymous and only members of the Israel Parkinson team will be able to identify subjects and contact them if necessary.